Questions I’ve Asked Since Going Vegan & Answers

Should the title read “going plant-based”? Probably. I haven’t gotten rid of my leather goods just yet and my purpose for switching it up has been health and environment based, see My Week As  Vegan Part: 1. Over the course of the last 6 months as 99.1% plant-based (the kids can not live without SimpleContinue reading “Questions I’ve Asked Since Going Vegan & Answers”

Trite Stereotypes Plaguing Community in Motherhood

Dedicated to the Pod Squad trite adjective (of a remark, opinion, or idea) overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality or freshness. I have been lucky to experience motherhood under the brim of many different hats. Sporting the ‘working mom’ fedora, the ‘stay at home mom’ baseball cap, the ‘depressed mom’ hood, the ‘happyContinue reading “Trite Stereotypes Plaguing Community in Motherhood”

My Week As A Vegan Part 2: The Physical and Mental

Typically when we think of vegans we think of slender, fit, nature loving, hippie type individuals. At least that’s what they have always been pictured as in the media. Now that veganism is becoming more popular you have celebrities like Lizzo and Beyoncé changing that description. There are even categories that classify what kind ofContinue reading “My Week As A Vegan Part 2: The Physical and Mental”

My Week As A Vegan Part 1 : The Why and The How

Usually when you tell your friends and family you are trying something new, something that will benefit your health and the environment, they cheer you on. When my husband and I told friends and family we were going vegan horns sprouted from our foreheads, our teeth turned black and our noses grew long. We turnedContinue reading “My Week As A Vegan Part 1 : The Why and The How”